Month: April 2017

Switch Detail Ont Branch line 1976

Switch Detail Ont Branch line 1976

Here we find one of the incongruities of operating a branch line, even though there is little in the way of quality on the track you can see the quality and workmanship in the switch.          …

Derail in place Ont Branch Line 1976

derail in place Ont Brank Line 1976

Later in the day the Derail was set in place. One thing to notice is how light the construction is, there is not a lot of balast, the ties are not maintained and there are not the number of rail…

Richmond Rail Update 2017-04-24

richmond rail 2017-04-24

I realized it was way past due to update you what I have been doing. This view is looking southbound from the corner, the yard on the right is for a variety of locomotives Diesel and Steam this their associated…

5 Top Model Train Accessories

Many people’s first introduction to model railroading is with a simple circle or oval on a sheet of plywood. No scenery, no landscaping and maybe not even any buildings or vehicles.

Collectible Trains

Children of all ages seem to enjoy playing with trains, but may adults do as well. They may not be playing with them though as much as they are collecting them. There are true train collectors and then there are…