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Grand Central Terminal

In New York City you will find Grand Central Terminal which is a famous landmark in reference to train stations. The terminal that is in place today was built in 1913 and it was built specifically for electric powered trains.…

Home Made Flame Thrower Thaws Rail Switches in 1957

In 1957 Frozen switches on a German railway were thawed with a flamethrower made from an Insecticide sprayer, two-horsepower motor and diesel oil. Fire spurts four feet at 950 Degrees C. The device used 3.5 gallons of fuel each hour.

The other Loco on RHD

Even tho it looks like a mainline Diesel this is only 5 foot high, RDH uses this loco to run freight or work trains on the main line.

Swedish Locomotive with Six Motors Delivered 7500 Horsepower

Fall 1960 – Three permanently coupled sections made up a  electric locomotive owned by the Swedish State Railway and considered at the time to be the longest and most powerful in the world. Each section had two traction motors and…