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Speeders at Woss Lake logging 1948

loggin camp

Speeders for the the transport of logging crews at Woss lake in 1948, these speeders are still in use by Canadian Forest Products in 2017. So for model railroaders you do not have to be real tight on the age…

Watering up a Steam Engine

There were places where locomotives were not watered from an overhead feed, here you can see what looks like a fire hose coming up from a access and leading into the water tanks on the engine. Save

Station Wagon rides the rails Dec 1960

Station Wagon rides the rails Dec 1960 1

When its retractable railroad wheels are down, an eight-passenger station wagon clicks along the remote right-of-way of the Ontario Northland Railway and serves ambulance and rail-inspection car. Dashboard buttons operate whistles, lights and other railroad equipment.        …

Small Industry Details to model

Grain delivery for modeling

This could be a simple industry to add to a corner of your railway. The first photo is the drop box for unloading rail cars,  you can see it is a simple box that goes from under the tracks all…

Vintage Signal from 1890’s

Vintage signal detail

You can see here a original 1890’s signal still in operation of the Ffestiniog Railway. The signal boards were operated by pulling down on the rods extending the the boards to the side. The lamp on the top was not…

Refueling diesels in the beginning

Refueling diesels in the begining

In the beginning before there were servicing facilities everywhere, Tank cars would be dropped at a siding for direct refueling of Diesel Locomotives, this could be a interesting detail to add to a Model Railroad of the 40’s or 50’s.