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Vintage Signal from 1890’s

Vintage signal detail

You can see here a original 1890’s signal still in operation of the Ffestiniog Railway. The signal boards were operated by pulling down on the rods extending the the boards to the side. The lamp on the top was not…

Refueling diesels in the beginning

Refueling diesels in the begining

In the beginning before there were servicing facilities everywhere, Tank cars would be dropped at a siding for direct refueling of Diesel Locomotives, this could be a interesting detail to add to a Model Railroad of the 40’s or 50’s.

Switch Detail Ont Branch line 1976

Switch Detail Ont Branch line 1976

Here we find one of the incongruities of operating a branch line, even though there is little in the way of quality on the track you can see the quality and workmanship in the switch.          …

Derail in place Ont Branch Line 1976

derail in place Ont Brank Line 1976

Later in the day the Derail was set in place. One thing to notice is how light the construction is, there is not a lot of balast, the ties are not maintained and there are not the number of rail…

Ont Branch line 1976 Derail

Ont Branch line 1976 Derail

This derail is on the side track to prevent cars running onto the line, these was a good 1% or more slope here and a runaway car could run for miles before anyone knew it was gone, I got a…