Look at the original Main Station

Main Railroad Station The Main Station shows you what you can do with printed buildings. Father was given a kit printed pieces that he glued to card stock and assembled using plastic structural members to reinforce the corners. Looking at the people on the main station


The platforms were created free form, using background sheet stock, balsa wood and more card stock. The foot bridge is very old it comes from the 50’s it is a cast metal Triang foot bridge that was on my old railroad.




Track level view of the station platformThis Station and a couple of other buildings were British prototype which is a odd mix considering the rest of the lower main yard was more early 50’s west-coast industrial.

Considering the size of this station compared to the area of the layout the station was a bit overwhelming but it was sized to allow two large passenger trains to pull into the station at once.

The plan was to run a passenger train one way, stop in the station, isolate that section of track and run a different train around the other way. There was also a way to stop two passenger trains in the station and run a freight around, into the yard and out again bypassing the passenger station entirely.

In practice we never did any of that because while we lots of track for storing trains, we did not have enough room to move trains around without stopping the main line.

For those of you planning a new or rebuild on a layout keep that in mind, a true operation is not just stopping and starting trains cars should be cut out of the middle of train and left in sidings, after a run, trains should be broken up and the different cars placed in multiple sidings all without shutting down the main line.

In the new layout the plan is to have the running operation separate (control, physically, and visually ) from the yard so grandchildren can watch trains while I operate a railroad.

Street view of the Main station

This whole set of buildings was asked for by my son, so as a side project I hope to re-build the station as a basic diorama, to fit on a standard shelf including all the British Prototype pieces that I have.


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