Re-wiring the old layout sections for power and control

power wiring the old pieces of layout

All the power blocks for the new yard are connected to the old track, it will not be a full yard but it will be a source for making up and re-building short trains. I removed the old terminal blocks so I can create a new style of connection. My father just wired everything to terminals and then into one massive control panel. I plan to set up to control things from multiple locations. To make this possible I am using different wiring techniques for the three basic electronic devices 1-block power, 2-switch power, 3- lighting and automation.

1- Block power will be twisted pair wire as you can see in these pictures and wired to a central control. I plan on at least two track controllers maybe some of the block sections will have fixed supplies controlled by automation circuits.

2- Switch control is going to be dual local hidden buttons for when I am on the Yard side of the layout and also at the master control panel. I can do this because the power for the switches comes from a central power unit under the table, and all the controls are NO Push buttons. Wire will be ribbon cable because there is not a heavy current demand.

3- Lighting and automation are wired with RCA audio connectors both above the board and below. This allows removal of the buildings and delicate lighting for construction. An added advantage for using these audio connectors is they allow color coding for voltage.



block power wires to the new terminal block



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