Richmond Rail the building the new Layout

richmond-rail-001The new Richmond rail layout Oct 25 2016. The plan is based upon three tables that are set up to ultimately be a doughnut shape, one large 4 ft by 8 ft, and two 2 foot by 4 foot, they are connected buy drop in sections made out of reinforced foam.

I plan to show how each is built, and how I re used sections from the layout my father and I built 40 years ago. As you can see it is just a collection of parts at this point, pieces from the old layout and the three tables built.

As I make commitment to what pieces I am going to use, I will place things on sale in the classifieds section, this will also contain different parts and pieces that I have collected over the years.

I have been working on this for a few years up to this point, trying things and taking them apart again, but this summer I made a few decisions, abandoned some plans, pulled up some rail and made a commitment to get operational even if it not using as much of the original layout as I had thought.

The motivation is Grandchildren who are getting old enough to appreciate running trains and a desire to develop model train technology that I find missing.

I spent several months analyzing going DCC or building new switch panels, and I found that DCC would cost over a thousand dollars more than a direct system, it would not cut the amount of hard wiring that much and would not give me the system I want.

While I will not use DCC, I  can appreciate that it is the right system for those that want to drive trains.

I on the other hand want to model trains and watch them run, my layout goal is to operate loco’s in the yard to build trains, position the train at one location and then have an automatic system collect and run several trains around a multi loop system independently,  and upon request the system should return one train to the yard while continuing to operate other trains.


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