The original Richmond Rail

Early Garden Rail

In between the Dunbar layout and Now, the house I was living in did not have enough room for a Ho scale layout inside but we had a nice big yard. The wife agreed nothing would grow under there anyway so I could put a G scale layout there, So Richmond Rail was born.

This photo is is the track layout for the third or fourth attempt. In the center there will be a figure 8 for a short mining train and all around the edge is for the main line.

All the stone came from a Patio that I had broken up to re configure the back yard, soil fill was material removed and returned. If you know trees you know nothing will grow in the soil contaminated with the pine needles.

The mini trees were hedge trees over the years I kept them small by leaving them in the pots, this also let me move them when I wanted to make changes.

At this point the layout is about 20 foot long and 8 foot wide.




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